Welcome to Set4Life driving school 

Set4Life driving school understands that everybody learns at different speeds and have different levels of experience. Unlike some larger driving schools, you get the benefit of personalised service with the continuity of the same instructor every time, every lesson.
As an RMS/RTA accredited driving instructor I can offer you a patient, professional, friendly and safe learning environment that will not only give you the help you need to get your driver's licence but also the valuable experience and great driving habits that will leave you Set4Life. 

Types of lessons 

Set4Life has the expertise, skills and care you need whether it’s your first day driving, you're getting close to going for your P’s or you just need some extra practice to build your confidence.
 Set4Life can help if:

 ~ It's your first time behind the wheel.
 ~ You're a beginner and you want establish good driving habits to practice.
 ~ You're ready to go for your P1 licence and want lessons and practice driving tests.
 ~ You're after lessons to build your experience and overcome any areas of concern.
 ~ You need refresher lessons after not driving for a while.
 ~ You're up-skilling for overseas licence conversions.

What Set4Life cover

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   Building a Foundation
  • Preparing to drive
  • Vehicle controls
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Correct steering
  • Changing gears
  • Scanning and observation
  • Reversing
  Traffic Skills
  • Simple traffic
  • Parking
  • Complex traffic
  • Changing lanes
   Low Risk Driving
  • Speed Management
  • Road positioning
  • Decision making
  • Responding to hazards
  Building Experience
  • Driving at night
  • Driving in adverse conditions
  • Country driving
  • City and Motorway driving
  • Preparing for the Driving Test


I have carefully chosen the compact SUV Nissan Xtrail (automatic) as your instruction vehicle.
With its elevated driving position, large rear and side windows and easily defined outer parameters it offers much greater visibility for the learner driver than smaller cars.
It has a 4 star ANCAP safety rating including ABS braking, front and side curtain airbags, electronic stability control as well as power steering and air conditioning.
It is fitted with dual controls for your added safety and Set4Life driving school has full public liability and comprehensive insurance.  This is a safe and easy vehicle to drive for any learner and especially good for those students that will be learning in and driving the family's similar or larger 4x4 vehicle.

1 lesson hour = 3 log book hours

Learner drivers who complete a 1 hour structured driving lesson with a fully licensed driving instructor can record 3 hours driving experience in their Learner driver log book.

As a fully licensed driving instructor  I will help you work through, and understand all the requirements of your Learner driver log book

How it works:
You can have as many driving lessons as you need but a maximum of 10 hours of these lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours in the Learner driver log book. Additional lesson hours still count toward your 120 required hours but are credited as one hour lessons. 

1 hour lessons conducted at NIGHT count for only 1 hour of the required 20 night hours with the additional 2 hours counted in the DAY driving hours in the log book.

Learner drivers aged 25 years and older are no longer required to present a Learner driver log book prior to attempting the driving test. Please check the RMS website for any changes and requirements.

For more information see:  Learner Driver Rules